The Otterhound Can be traced back to the 11th century,
the hound you see in the old art is not quite the same as
you see in the show ring to day,
 you can see that
there is a veriation in types of hounds the masters of the
 packs would have breed the hounds to suite the type of
water they were to hunt on.

By the early 1970 s the fresh water Otter had deminished in
numbers in England and Wales, farming practice polution
and deminishing habitat were all blamed for this.
Most of the Otterhounds were disbursed, others made the
change to hunting the American Mink which had been
farmed in this country for it's fur, escaping and being
released it was making its own impacked on our water
ways killing every thing from fish to water birds.
The master of Mink Hounds were formed in the 1980s
pure bred Otterhounds can still be see hunting on
 our rivers today